PIOK亲子运动会 | 扬帆欢喜海洋,拥抱运动童年

发布日期:2022-09-15 18:23

本文摘要:早霜惊落叶,凉风度秋海。不等孩子们收到心爱的圣诞礼物,冬季已悄然而至。 而普林斯顿国际海洋幼儿园操场却人头攒动、热闹特殊,原来,“庆圣诞、迎新年”亲子运动会盛大开幕。放眼望,风车招展、彩旗飘扬,各班方阵意气风发、步履铿锵。




陪同着响亮的口号,小小运发动们在爸爸妈妈的欢呼中隆重登场!Early frost shocked the leaves, cool breeze over the autumn sea. Before the children receive their beloved Christmas gifts, the Winter Solstice has quietly arrived. But today’s playground is crowded and lively, thank to the PIOK Christmas/Sports Meeting. Looking around, the windmills are fluttering, the colorful flags are flying, and the squads are high-spirited and clingy. Accompanied by loud slogans, the little athletes made their grand debut in the cheers of parents! 运发动入场 Athlete Admission运动竞技前的热身必不行少,难过的时机爸爸妈妈固然不容错过!平时和爸爸相处时间短?没有合适的亲子游戏?亲子互动缺乏团体气氛?不存在的,来随着老师一起进入“亲子欢喜动”!Warm-up before the sports competition is essential, the rare opportunity parents should not miss! Usually spend a short time with dad? No suitable parent-child games? Parent-child interaction lacks a collective atmosphere? Not a big deal, come and join the teacher to "Parent-Child Fun"!亲子欢喜动 Parent-Child Fun短暂的热身告一段落,赛场上孩子们的欢声笑语却无处不在,紧接着的是各班的亲子运动项目。我们深知爸爸妈妈们平日忙于事情,寻磨炼时机而不得,因此今天的亲子运动不光思量到了对孩子的适当挑战,也充实思量到了家长的磨炼需要,运动的设计划分以上下肢、焦点肌肉群为磨炼焦点,融合胸肌腹肌臀肌斜方肌肱二头肌等训练科目。孩子们的喜悦溢于言表,一起来浏览他们奋勇拼搏的姿态吧The short warm-up came to an end, but the children's laughter was everywhere on the field, next will be the parent-child sports of each class. Considering that parents might be busy with work and lack of exercise opportunities, today’s parent-child sports not only count the appropriate challenges to children, but also the exercise needs of parents. The activities are designed for the upper and lower limbs and core muscle groups, integrate training subjects such as chest muscles, abdominal muscles, gluteal muscles, trapezius muscles, and biceps brachii. The joy of the children is beyond words, take a look at their posture of courageously fighting.亲子运动项目(班级)在Lisa总园长“友谊第一角逐第二”的亲切教诲下,孩子们没有因为名次而自满或气馁,都恣意地享受着运动自己的兴趣,赛场上的互帮相助随处可见,加油喝彩不停于耳。



Under the cordial guidance of principle Lisa, " Friendship comes before championship", the children are not proud or discouraged because of their rankings, but enjoy the fun of sports. Cooperation and cheering can be seen everywhere. 在属于爸爸妈妈们的项目上,他们更是不忘为孩子们树立努力的模范。只是,妈妈们这腾空的姿势,似乎一言难尽······In the projects that belong to parents, they never forget to set a positive example for children. It’s just that the posture of the mothers seems to be indescribable...家长趣味角逐颁奖仪式 感恩每一个平凡的日子紧张刺激的角逐事后,我们来到了颁奖仪式的现场。

普林斯顿国际海洋幼儿园也借此时机,向家长们恒久以来的支持和信任报以谢谢。每一次的努力拼搏,不仅仅是为了站上最高领奖台,更是对家人的爱,对每一个平凡日子的感恩。在圣诞节之际,以奖章回馈努力,用鲜花感恩信任,愿孩子们扬帆欢喜海洋,拥抱运动童年!After the exciting competition, we came to the scene of the award ceremony. PIOK also took this opportunity to thank the parents for their long-term support and trust. Every hard work is not only for the highest podium, but also the love for family and grateful for every ordinary day. As Christmas is approaching, reward your efforts with medals and thank your trust with flowers. May the children sail in the joyous ocean and embrace sports childhood!舞蹈 & 合影。